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Table 1 Model parameters with parameter values taken from published literature [15, 19, 21]. The parameter values without a source (mostly 0) are assumed values.

From: Age groups and spread of influenza: implications for vaccination strategy

Parameter Description Baseline value Source
σ mean vaccine waning rate 0  
1/γ mean incubation period of exposed individuals 1.48 [21]
1/γ 1 mean time to onset of those who had been quarantined NA  
ρ mean recovery rate of untreated infectives 1/2.85 [19]
ρ V mean recovery rate of vaccinated infectives with ρ Vρ 1/2.85 [19]
ρ 2 mean recovery rate of asymptomatic infectives 1/2.85 [19]
ω mean immune waning rate 0  
ϵ migration rate of the population 0  
ϵ 1 migration rate of symptomatic infectives 0  
θ immigration rate of the population 0  
θ 1 immigration rate of symptomatic infectives 0  
q quarantine rate of unvaccinated exposed individuals 0  
q V quarantine rate of vaccinated exposed individuals 0  
1-ϕ home withdrawal rate of untreated symptomatic infectives 0  
1-ϕ1 home withdrawal rate of all "well" individuals 0  
τ reduction in infectivity of unvaccinated pre-symptomatic infectives 0.4  
τ 1 reduction in infectivity of asymptomatic infectives 0.5 [15]
τ 2 reduction factor in contact due to hospital isolation 0  
κ reduction in infectivity of vaccinated infectives 0.5 [15]